Contractors Work Comp. UPGRADED

More than just an insurance policy.

You Have Options

We’re all about putting you in control of your Workers’ Comp program. Whether your company has unfavorable losses, if you would like a Pay-As-You-Go program, or if you just prefer a traditional Workers’ Comp policy, we are here to help.

Bid More Competitively

Workers’ Compensation is a cost that is directly factored into your bids. Shop with us for the lowest rates and get a leg up on your competition!

Manage Your Risk

Workers’ Comp claims will increase your rates significantly! Learn how to manage your risk and avoid costly claims.

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Access To The Best
Carriers For Contractors

AmTrust Financial Group | American International Group (AIG) | Berkshire Hathaway
Insurance Group | Zurich Insurance Co. | Everest National Insurance Co.

Why You’ll Love Our Work Comp Program


Work Comp is just the beginning
In our unique model, the most exciting part happens AFTER you get your Workers’ Comp policy. We offer a team of business experts to our contractors that help with Bids, Licensing and CSLB compliance, safety and so much more!

Simplify the way you run your business
Let your frustrations disappear. With us you gain a Partner with over 30+ years experience in the construction industry. We will streamline your back-end processes such as insurance, payroll processing, taxes and other HR-Related tasks so you can focus your attention where it matters most: on your customers and the job at hand.

Our success is measured by your success
We will only grow as much as you do!That’s why we take the time to analyze our customers’ needs and create custom solutions that help them reach their desired goals.

Join organizations and contractors from all over California that work with TCA.



Take your business to the next level in construction


Our goal is to show you how we transform your workers comp payment from something you hate paying each month into the newest tool at your disposal to grow your business. Get a quote now and start the transformation.

Construction Work Comp. UPGRADED