Employers & Social Media PART 1

By March 10, 2017Business

Today I want to address social media from the perspective of employers. I think many employers are nervous to jump into social media for two main reasons:

         Content and what to post

         Fear of having nothing to say

I am here to tell you that social media can be a fun and engaging experience with your customers, fans, and people who love what you believe. But what most people don’t realize is that social media is not as simple as setting up an account and sharing a photo of your desk. Unfortunately, more effort will be required to begin on social media.

Let me break down what you need in order to get started:

         Why statement or mission statement

         Who is your target audience

         What do you want to share

These obviously sound basic but hang with me. Your mission statement will give your social media purpose. I like to use a ton of examples so we will start with one from Nike. I like to use this one a lot.

Nike’s mission is to empower great athletes and great athletics. That is what they stand for and why they exist. But why isn’t their mission statement “To be the global leader in selling shoes and athletic wear.”? Because their mission is bigger than any one product. And when you look at their social media account they reflect this perfectly. Their social media highlights great athletes, showcases excellence, provides motivation, and participates in the athletic community. Rarely, if ever, will you see them promoting shoes.

Another example is Apple. Of course this is a famous example, but Apple’s mission is to bring to life tools of the mind to empower those who think different to change the world. Again, what does this have to do with computers? Why doesn’t their mission sound more like “To become the global leader in sales of computer electronics while providing as much shareholder value as possible.”? Now Apple isn’t known for running elaborate social media campaigns. They focus almost exclusively on traditional media and marketing (their social media is focused solely on customer service) and are extremely secretive about what they are working on. But their mission still rings true.

So how does this translate to your business? Maybe you are a contractor doing landscaping or a staffing company for clerical. What mission are you on?

I think there are four basic types of accounts that reflect a why for businesses.

         Customer Service

o   Customer service has identified their target audience as specifically clients and they exist to share feedback and reviews, provide technical support and customer service, and provide basic updates.

         Industry insider

o   An industry insider has identified their target audience as other people doing the same job as them and they create a social media account to share their knowledge and experience with the community.


o   A testimonial account has identified their target audience as their potential clients and shares the successes or fulfillment of their customers/clients.


o   A mission account is one that has identified their target audience as a community and sets out to change something, fill a gap, or solve a problem.

All of these work as potential social media accounts and they also combine and mutate to provide elements of each. They identify their target audience and state what their goal is. So let’s create mission statements for each for an example of say….staffing company who staffs nurses.

         Customer Service: to provide customer service and be a communication tool for all of our currently staffed nurses and client companies.

         Industry insider: to show the life of a recruiter and provide useful insight and tips to help recruiters be more successful.

         Testimonials: to show the successful stories of our clients and provide inspiration to job seekers and HR departments.

         Mission: to improve the process of matching potential employees with employers


This series will continue next week with PART 2…