Staffing Professionals Let Your Voice Be Heard!

If you are in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry then you are aware that margins can be easily wiped away with each new law that passes. Not only is California Workers’ Compensation 5 times more expensive than any other state, but our judicial system is constantly passing new laws making it harder to run a business and be compliant in California.

We have a voice, but if we do not stand together to create the Power in Numbers, then we are letting other people use their voice for us which could totally contradict our thoughts and opinions.

You have an opportunity. March 15th, 2017 California Staffing Professionals will be up in Sacramento for Legislative Day to try and help make an impact for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. If you have never been, this is the year to come and play a part, as there are many bills on the table that could affect you keeping the doors open.

Not a California Staffing Professional Member, NO PROBLEM anyone can attend.

You may think “I have no idea what I would need to do or say to my District Representative”. NO WORRIES – We will be meeting the day before and the morning of to help go over different talking points and the different bills that are on the table so you can be aware of how this can really impact the Staffing and Recruiting Industry.


You may think “I am so busy and what impact can I really make?” Well if you are sick of bills being passed and losing money or clients then this is worth the TIME and MONEY to come and let your voice be heard. If only a few go, how much of an impact can be made? The more we have, the more noise we make which can really make an IMPACT!

This will be my first year attending, I have spoken with several people who have attended years before and said it was such a great experience. So if you have not signed up yet, then Click HERE.

Jessica Sanchez

Account Specialist