What is Workers’ Comp Reinvented?


Raising the Bar

The Workers’ Comp industry has somewhat of a tarnished reputation among the general public. We believe that this is partially due to Brokers that do not hold up their end of the deal.

Here at The Corporate Advocate, we are setting a new standard of what an Insurance broker is. A broker should not just be a middle man that only comes around at renewal to collect a check. With us, you get a Broker that will fight for low rates and guide you through any Workers’ Comp challenges you are facing.


Putting YOU first

Unfortunately, not every Workers’ Comp broker puts the best interests of their customer before their own. With TCA you will never have to worry about this.

We understand that if we take care of our customers, they will reward us with loyalty. Therefore, we are always looking to do what is right by you, even if that means losing money in the process.


Advocating for your company

As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. Now you know us, and we just happen to know a few people ourselves.

We take pride in the relationships we have with our insurance providers. Because of these relationships, we are able to advocate for your company to get a Workers’ Comp program that your company needs.

Why Choose TCA?

Our Workers’ Comp Program

 Average Workers’ Comp Broker

  • Specialize in “High Risk” Industries
  • Limited to “Low Risk” accounts
  • Long-term planning for your company’s insurance program
  • NO long-term planning
  • Standard & Non-Standard Options
  • Only Standard Options
  • Renewal Process starts 90 days from renewal date
  • Wait until the last minute to renew
  • Quarterly Claims Analysis
  • NO Claims analysis

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Program Highlights

  • Pay-As-You-Go plans Available
  • Options with little-to-no down payment
  • Access to High Deductible programs
  • Standard & PEO Options Available
  • “High-Risk” Industries are acceptable
  • Ability to write Companies with High Claims
  • Gaps in coverage are OK!
  • Ability to write companies with High Ex-Mods
  • “A” Rated Carriers!
  • Coverage available in 46 states (Excludes: ND, OH, WA, WY)