3 Ways to Increase Your Talent Pipeline in 2020

Qualified candidates. Those two words are undoubtedly keeping you up at night. The job orders come in, but you need candidates who meet your clients’ requirements. How do you increase the pool and maintain a steady flow of qualified candidates who are ready to work? One of the best ways is using technology.

According to Career Builder, 76% of staffing clients and candidates think that their staffing firm uses the most up-to-date technology that differentiates them from the competition. In the new decade, you must be using advanced technology to ensure your success. Most importantly, you’ll want to employ technology solutions that help you boost your list of active candidates.

Let’s explore three ways to easily increase your talent pipeline in 2020.



  • Automate the Recruiting Process


Automation is a staffing trend that you should maximize as it saves valuable time and helps your company increase productivity. 

A cloud-based application like Simplifly allows you to streamline the time-intensive administrative tasks related to recruiting so you can focus on developing and nurturing relationships. Think of your pipeline as a community. Nurturing members of the community only takes a quick call, email or text.

Since Simplifly is an all-in-one recruiting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can easily manage all stages of the recruiting process. From job posting and applicant tracking to interview scheduling and paperless onboarding, automation will make your life easier and provide a positive experience for candidates.



  • Provide Skills Training to Upskill Candidates


Approximately 74% of manufacturers say the skills gap has negatively impacted their company’s ability to expand operations. So, it’s important to close the skills gap by offering skills training. It could be instructor led lectures, online training or hands-on workshops. 

Consider collaborating with a local college or technical school. They may offer apprenticeship programs to which you can refer candidates. Speaking of referrals, a bonus tip here to fill your pipeline is to establish a referral program with great incentives. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, referrals are the most reliable way to source new candidates.

As for skills training, candidates will be attracted to a staffing company that not only cares about the employees it places in jobs, but also goes the extra mile to offer training assistance. 



  • Implement Mobile Recruiting


It’s high time you meet candidates where they are most often—on their mobile phones. In fact, 94% of job seekers browse or research on job vacancies through their smartphones. One of the first things to do is make sure your agency’s website is optimized for mobile and ensure that it loads quickly. A whopping 73% of candidates will leave a site if it is not mobile optimized, according to CareerBuilder.

You can gain new applicants simply by focusing on being mobile-friendly.

One of the great features of Simplifly is the ability to send a mass text message to qualified candidates, letting them know a job is available and they should contact their recruiter if interested.  

These are just three ways to increase your pipeline. Share some ways you plan to boost your pipeline in 2020. 

For more information on Simplifly or to schedule a demo, visit: https://tcacorp.com/simplifly/ or call 909-484-4203. 


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