Our technologies were developed from years of working side by side with
our client companies to solve their greatest challenges.

Great companies run on great systems.

The Corporate Advocate is dedicated to creating technology tools that help our clients effectively manage the systems in their business while reducing costs to their company’s bottom line.

Quick Quote

Close More Staffing Deals With The New Quick Quote App!

Quick Quote is a mobile app that helps you give your client an accurate job quote fast!

You never have to leave your client’s side. Just enter the data for the job into the Quick Quote calculator app and let Quick Quote crunch the numbers. You will have your quote in an instant.

Don’t let deals slip through your fingers. Save your staffing company time and money with Quick Quote – the fastest way to deliver an accurate staffing job quote without ever leaving the client.

Available exclusively to staffing clients of The Corporate Advocate.

Introducing Simplify!
Our newest tool built for employers

Now you can manage the workflow of your staffing agency from a single technology platform. Simplifly removes time consuming double-entry procedures that cost you money and cause mistakes. With Simplifly, you can track workers through each stage of the process from the moment they apply to your agency to their job assignment with one of your clients.


Verified Documentation

Documenting employee communication is messy with emails, papers to file, and training sessions to track. Now there is a way to organize all of it on one platform.

Complifly is a mobile technology platform that helps employers communicate and document compliance procedures with time stamped video, audio, messaging, and pdf documents. Complifly could protect you from harassment and discrimination claims or lawsuits that cost tens of thousands of dollars and might potentially bankrupt your business.

Secure Communication

Designed for mobile use

Send message to all employees at once

HIPPA compliant communication and documentation

Make compliance documents accessible to employees anywhere

Access to standard training documents and videos

Verify that documents have been opened with time stamped compliance logs