Clients First :

Our clients’ interests will be placed before company profit.  Clients are our greatest assets and will be treated as a part of The Corporate Advocate Team.  We strive to constantly meet and exceed expectations.


Honest Communication:

Communication with our clients will be open, honest and frequent.  We will strive to bring all issues to the surface quickly and work collaboratively to develop solutions.


Selective Partnerships:

Not every business will qualify to become a client.  We want to partner with businesses actively working towards attaining excellence in their business processes.  We believe that integrity and mutual respect are the foundation of long lasting and fulfilling relationships.


Relationship Driven:

Relational marketing will be the premise for all we do.  Together, mutual accountability will drive us towards achieving critical objectives and goals.

Value Based:

Our advocacy and business coaching is an invaluable value-added mentoring service that  we do not charge our clients for. We strive to achieve results through continuous learning in order to meet the constant change of marketplace challenges.


Professional Growth:

We will challenge ourselves, our staff, and our clients to challenge the status-quo and share learning experiences that enhance our capabilities and sustain improvement.