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Your employees and clients have many advocates in the form of new laws and government agencies who exist to protect their rights, but who is protecting yours? Welcome to The Corporate Advocate where our experts become your advocate!

We specialize in:

Corporate Compliance
Representation with government agencies
Business Service Providers
Tax Planning
Asset Protection


Do you own a job or do you own a company? When you own a job, you trade time for money and if you stop, so does your income. Owning a company means building systems and hiring other people to manage them for you.

Welcome to the Corporate Advocate, where our educators provide you with the knowledge, guidance and resources, all within our educational model, that allows you to continue the vision you started with when you chose to risk everything to start your own business.



Hiring experienced consultants can be frustrating and expensive, and each one of them will have differing perspectives on the right solution for your situation; They may even contradict each other.

Where do you go when you want a group of experts to help you formulate the right plan for your situation without breaking the bank? Welcome to the Corporate Advocate where our experienced consultants and resources will sit with you and learn your challanges and goals and help build the right plan for you and your company without breaking the bank.

Co- Sourcing at Work

Our Co-Sourcing model wraps education, consulting, advocacy and business services around our client companies. We accomplish this in our unique model that costs them no more than what they are currently paying for basic business services such as payroll, insurance, and professional consulting services, and in many cases considerably less.

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