ALERT: New Media Content Is Live!

Hey everyone this is Dustin Garbaciak over at The Corporate Advocate and I am excited to announce that our new exclusive content is now  live. As the social media director here I thought I should put together a blog post detailing what our content will be about and why you should definitely check it out.

We will have 3 new shows on YouTube and shared on social media called:

         Weekly Q&A

         Lessons In Leadership

         TCA Roundtable Discussion

Weekly Q&A

This show will feature an expert answering questions that we at TCA receive on a regular basis or questions directly from you, one of our viewers. The goal is to answer specific questions that can’t be “Googled” or simply researched. We aren’t in the business of giving legal advice but there are some things can be explained more in depth than a vague definition provides. We want to be an advocate for employers, a resource, so they can make informed decisions to grow their businesses.

Lessons In Leadership

Leadership guru Ray Anderson joined TCA last fall and with this show we want to tap into his vast knowledge and experience when it comes to leadership and running a business. In Ray’s own words:

“Leaders who embodied no collar ideals, whether sole proprietors or corporate titans, proved to be more effective at engaging the strengths of their staff, strategic partners and vendors to achieve personal and organizational dreams. Over the years, we’ve identified these people as “Good Hearted Leaders” and this has evolved into an integrated suite of Good Hearted products and services that produce extraordinary results.”

More about Ray Anderson here:

TCA Roundtable Discussion (Coming Soon!)

Our roundtable discussion is a podcast style discussion about a topic that directly affects employers. Industry experts and guests will gather around the TCA roundtable and figure out how certain industry trends affect business owners and what they can do to stay ahead of the curve.


Like this post, we will also be writing blog posts every week detailing the effects of law changes, trends and fads, as well as our thoughts on strategy to create a discussion with employers.

Our mission is to be an advocate for businesses and employers, a resource, and through these shows we want to create a discussion and show you how you can take advantage of programs and resources for businesses and become better leaders for your employees.  

So bookmark this blog, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on social media because together we will prove that every business should have an advocate and create a community for employers.