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The Corporate Advocate is dedicated to helping clients run smarter, more efficient, and effective companies. This is part of our advocacy business model. If our clients grow, we grow. So we do everything we can to help them operate from
a position of strength.

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3 Ways to Increase Your Talent Pipeline in 202020200122144040

3 Ways to Increase Your Talent Pipeline in 2020

Qualified candidates. Those two words are undoubtedly keeping you up at night. The job orders come in, but you need candidate...
Ray Blom & Jessica Blunt // Funding20190322194454
Ray Blom & Jessica Blunt // ACA20190322194332
Ray Blom and Jessica Blunt // Executive Ladder20190322193352
Ray Blom & Jessica Blunt // Complaints can be gifts20190322193213
Ray Blom and Jessica Blunt // When to fire a client20190205210821
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